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xmusicology's Journal

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Welcome to Musicology, another rating community. We rate you on musical taste & looks. If you're not at least decent looking get out before you get your feelings hurt. This communiy is going to be pretty hard to get into, because we want to make sure we have the best. If you have what it takes, apply now.

________taxicab & shebeathimdead

01. Don't be a douchebag, k?
02. When applying make sure music theory is your subject line
03. You must promote in 5 places - 3 people and 2 other communities
04. Don't vote until you're a stamped member!
05. Before applying you must put a banner in your userinfo!
06. No promoting of other communities is allowed in musicology

<lj-cut text="name the lj cut">
<b>Sexual Preference:</b>
<b>How did you hear about us?</b>
<b>What do you think of this community?</b>
<b>15 Bands:</b>
<b>Favorite Color:</b>
<b>Favorite food:</b>
<b>Did you put a banner in your userinfo?:</b>
<b>Promotion Proof:</b>
<b>100x100 pic:</b>
<b>6+ pictures:</b>

If you would like to be a sister community contact

radioxsurgery__ wannadiisco